Poster Archive : NOVEMBER 2007

Message: Find God

Bible Verse: Hebrews 1:2 In these last days God has spoken to us by his Son

Reflect: Find God

Every morning, Anna packs up her pain, puts on her make up and goes to work. To any other commuter who looks, she appears a content professional in her 40s.

Occasionally, however, you can see through the cracks. This woman is looking for something. She goes on well-being retreats. She says that it helps to "get in touch with my inner self". She says that it helps her feel really connected to the universe and feel at peace.

Jodie, on the other hand, is a bright and sparky 23- year-old. Life is going "just awesome". She loves her job and her boyfriend and her life.

But she does read the stars. Why? Because she doesn't know where she's going. Or why she's here. Perhaps they can guide her?

Yan recently came back from a long adventure in Asia just after his 30th birthday. These days you can find him at home, sitting in his living room, still as a statue, between the half-dead fern and the CDstacked, Ikea bookshelf. He's not exactly sure why, but sometimes he meditates in front of the plant because it helps him focus and seek wisdom for his life.

It's perfectly human and natural to look beyond ourselves, to something spiritual, to something to give meaning and purpose to our lives. To look above and beyond what appears to us every day. Anna, Jodie and Yan are really looking for God.

British columnist AA Gill recently quipped: "People say 'I'm looking for God.' To which I reply, 'Why, is he lost?"

Indeed, God is not at all lost. He has, in fact, made himself rather obvious in the person of Jesus - as the book of Hebrews puts it, "God has spoken to us by his son." And to make sure none of us missed it, he's given us the Bible. Any time you open it you'll find God makes himself, and our purpose, wonderfully clear.

Prayer: Thank you God that you haven't kept yourself hidden. Thank you for leaving us your Bible so we can always find you there. AMEN

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