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Current poster: April 2015


I never met Oswald. Yet my heart swells with pride for what he did. My grandfather was in the first wave of soldiers that landed on the beach before dawn at Anzac Cove on the 25th of April, 1915. It was the beginning of a campaign that would leave families all over Australia missing sons, fathers, brothers, uncles... and mates. By late morning Oswald had been shot in the left foot but, although wounded, he chose to stay with his Battalion until it was relieved some days later. After recuperating in Egypt for two months, he returned to keep fighting at Gallipoli. When that campaign closed Oswald fought on the Western front where he received severe gunshot wounds to his chest and arm. After recovering in England he returned to France only to suffer gunshot wounds to his forehead. This sent him back again to England for more recuperation. Despite all these traumas, in 1918, Oswald returned to France one more time to fight.

Easter and Anzac Day are always close together on the calendar. And both events cherish enormous sacrifice. Paul, one of the authors of the New Testament in the Bible, made this observation about Jesus's death. He wrote,...

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