Poster Archive : MAY 2007

Message: Aussie can't save you: Jesus he'll save you.

Bible Verse: Colossians 2:13-14 God cancelled: "...the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross."

Reflect: It's the mortgage from Hell. When Melbourne couple John Moran and Marie Leighton came up short of money to buy a flat, they took out a bridging loan to get them by. According to The Age newspaper, they borrowed the extra $120,000 at six percent per month, just for a few months until they could arrange a proper mortgage on better terms. However the "better terms" their lender offered them was a very steep nine percent a year plus an extra $70,000 in "loan expenses" and "brokerage" fees. They refused to pay and defaulted on the loan.

Unfortunately the fine print said that if John and Marie defaulted, they would have to repay the now $181,000-loan at 8.5 percent per month (102 percent per year), with loan repayments a crippling $300 per day.

That's the way things are between God and us. The wrong things we do, the evil in our heart, all mean we're in debt to God. And there's more than $300- dollar-a day repayments to consider. In fact, there's no way we can pay back to God what we owe.

Can a few good deeds help? Perhaps taking an old lady across the street or making a tax-deductible donation to starving kids in Africa? Not really. That's like trying to pay the mortgage with change in your pocket.

We really do owe God. He made us. Our lives belong to him and yet we've mucked them up. Who's going to pay for the evil we've done? We can't afford it. And by running away from God, we've actually taken something that belongs to someone else. Even if we try to pay what we owe by doing good, we can't hope to pay except with our life. And because we can't pay, we're as good as dead. So, your home loan isn't the biggest debt you have. No, that debt is with God and only God can cancel it.

Jesus owed God nothing, but he was prepared to pay our debts with his life. The Bible says he nailed our debts to the cross. Once you've given your life to Jesus, there are no more debts to pay. So ask Jesus for help with the debt that matters.

Prayer: Dear God, Thankyou that Jesus paid my debt to save me. I'm sorry I haven't lived the way I should. Please forgive me and help me to live the way I should. AMEN

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