Poster Archive : JULY 2007

Message: Another inconvenient truth

Bible Verse: Acts 17:31 God has set a day when he will judge the world.

Reflect: Another inconvenient truth

Opinions don't change facts but facts change opinions all the time. Sometimes we don't like the facts, so we ignore them... but some facts are hard to ignore. So eating garlic means you will get garlic breath or eating junk food means you may get fat but you'll certainly be unhealthy and no matter how much you wish it wasn't so, you will turn into your mother or your father as you get older. Oh and by the are getting older.

These are all undeniable and inconvenient truths. Wishing them away won't make any difference to the realities of bad breath, ill health and inevitable aging.

If the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, has got the facts right in his documentary movie: "An Inconvenient Truth", then our world is in big trouble. Human beings are causing climate change on such a scale that millions will die and many more will go hungry or be displaced.

This movie is changing opinions around the world. Right now Governments are anxiously working out how to force their citizens to change their lives and go without all manner of luxuries. The pain of this change is much harder and more inconvenient now than it would have been years ago except that for years we've been in denial.

We've pretended that the world has unlimited potential to absorb all our toxic waste and pollutants or that what we do is insignificant or that someone else will fix the problem.

There is "Another inconvenient truth" of far greater consequence than global warming the undeniable and stated promise of God's coming judgment. We don't need scientists to conduct lab tests to work out if it's likely. We don't need a clever movie to catch our attention. In the Bible God has simply declared it to be a fact.

God tells us that He will not endlessly put up with our toxic behaviour or polluted relationships and will not endlessly absorb our arrogance and rejection towards Him. He made us and he will judge us. This judgment is coming. Jesus, who died on the cross for sin and rose from the dead, will return to judge all those who have ignored him. There are two urgent questions we need to ask: "Are we in denial?" and "Are we ready?".

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please forgive my sin and give me strength to live under your rule so that I am ready to meet you on Judgment Day. AMEN

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