Poster Archive : OCTOBER 2007

Message: Voting is compulsory

Bible Verse: Matthew 12:30 Whoever is not with me is against me

Reflect: Voting is compulsory

How will you vote in this Federal election? The question is so important, it's too unsettling to ask in polite company.

This election will stop the nation. It will dominate the newspapers, radio and television. All of us will have at least one conversation about it with a friend, a family member or someone from work. And it should stop us. The outcome means different and significant decisions for our nation.

In the end it all comes down to our vote. We as the people of Australia decide who has the power over us for the next three years. So it's worth spending plenty of time talking it over. Just because it causes arguments, doesn't mean it shouldn't be carefully thought through.

There's another vote that has far wider repercussions. It's one that will have an impact not just for a few years, but for eternity. And yes, it is a vote that will cause arguments and debates whenever it is raised. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have the discussion.

It's the vote on whether we'll accept Jesus as our Lord; that we stop living our way and accept his Lordship over our lives. It's a vote to accept what he promises us - eternal life. Of course, like any vote, we can choose not to accept Jesus as Lord of our lives.

You do have options though. But you'll find God has left no option for you to choose "Jesus was a nice bloke, but not God." After all, Jesus said he was God. Was he lying, talking like a lunatic, or telling the truth? These are the only three options.

So yes, we could vote against Jesus. But that means we reject his promise of life and will spend eternity without him and without his blessings. It's a huge decision, and worth thinking over as much as any political decision you might make.

Like the Government, God has made voting compulsory. He wants us to choose a future of blessings in Christ. But unlike the Government, God wants us to come directly to him and tell him what we've chosen.

And his polls are open right now.

Prayer: Dear God, I accept that Jesus is Lord, and I choose him to be Lord of my life now, and my future forever. AMEN

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