Poster Archive : AUGUST 2008

Message: Start the Ultimate Relationship

It was decades ago, but you still remember the feeling today. It was a crush you'll never forget. Maybe it was a classmate? Or perhaps a movie star? But you never spoke to them about it. The yearning was too intense.

And they were out of your league. In time you learnt that you had to be realistic. Life ain't a romance novel. It's like Nick Hornby says in High Fidelity - you learn that you can't punch above your weight.

Today, you've got friends, family, a spouse, maybe children too and they're all wonderful and you can't imagine life without them. But some nights you remember that longing. And you realise that you still have it - a hunger that never seems to die.

Why do we long for a love no human can give? A wise African called Augustine had this answer: "You made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you."

At one time, friendship with God was impossible. He'd removed himself from our presence and we'd hurt him too much, let him down too often, held him in contempt so long that there was no way we could look him in the eye even if we were in His presence.

Today, that barrier has been smashed. Jesus is God made plain for all to see. His cross absorbs all the anger and disappointment that was between us. At last, we can start the ultimate relationship. With God! Yes, with God! Through Jesus, God's son.

Of course Jesus is way out of our league, yet incredibly, he's still interested in us. He's willing to be with people like you and me and His love isn't fickle. He stays for the long haul. His love is forever!

Imagine the strongest, best relationship you've had and then realize God created the people and made the relationships possible. God knows relationships because he made them. So don't stay in pain, don't let the yearning continue. Start the ultimate relationship with God through Jesus.

You can start the ultimate relationship with God now, as you hear His voice in the Bible and speak to Him often in prayer.

Prayer: God, I've longed for love that no human or thing could ever meet. Thank you that in Jesus, I can have the relationship I was made for. AMEN

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