Poster Archive : NOVEMBER 2010

Message: Get a new boss

Bible verse: "Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!" (Psalm 34:8)

Have you heard the joke about the new boss? Wanting to stamp his authority on the workplace from his first day, the CEO of a company toured the office, looking for someone to sack. Sure enough, he found a young man who appeared to be lazing about. "You!" the boss barked. "How much do you earn in a week?"

The nervous young man answered, "$400. Why?" The boss then slapped $1600 into the young man's hand and said, "Here's four weeks pay in advance. You're fired!"

Content he'd made his point, the boss then asked the remaining employees, "What did that guy do here anyway?"

Finally, one bravely answered: "Deliver the pizzas."

It's a simple joke but one that reminds us that throughout our lives, we'll work for several, if not, dozens of different bosses. Each with a vastly different personality, which affects how we enjoy our jobs. What kind of boss do you have? The corporate bully who uses power to intimidate? The weak leader who doesn't have the respect of his or her employees? The workaholic who expects everyone else to be the same, at the expense of families and relationships? The impersonal suit driven by results or money? Or someone who inspires others because of their integrity and strength?

Someone who fits this last category is the greatest leader of all: Jesus Christ. He modelled the perfect leadership that we all yearn for.

He is a man who is one of us, understands our weaknesses, uses our strengths, puts relationships above outcomes, is forgiving even when we make mistakes, is approachable, leads by example, commands respect, is thoroughly honest and at all times speaks the truth.

Jesus was the perfect boss because he led with authority and compassion. He served others around him. A man of both words and action, he kept his promises, even to the point that it cost him his life.

The best thing is Jesus still wants to lead us today. He wants to enter into a relationship with each of us, and steer us through the perils of life. He wants the best for us, in return for obedience. We will never be disappointed. As Psalm 34:8 in the Bible encourages us: "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!".

And God is good. He is always trustworthy. He will never let us down, or be fickle or moody, unlike our earthly bosses. Sometimes life might seem unfair, but His wisdom and love for us shows that He knows what's best for us in the long-term. That is the mark of a loving and perfect leader.

Prayer: Dear God, help me submit my life to you and please lead me at all times, through the good and the bad. Amen.

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