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Message: Some reasons why I believe the Gospel of Jesus is true

Hi, my name is Ross McKenzie and I'm a Christian. I'm also a Professor of physics and I have a lot of fun doing research on condensed matter.

There are two ideas that the media often promote. One is that science can explain everything and the second is that science has done away with God. As a scientist I'm troubled by both. Because of this I've agreed to explain 'why I believe' through this Outreach Media poster and web campaign.

The gospel

So what do I believe? I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That he lived on earth, taught and died for our sins, reconciling us to God. I believe Jesus rose from the dead, and that he is coming again to judge the world.

I'm convinced there are good, rational reasons to believe in this gospel.

Below are some of the main reasons. Each of these reasons may not be particularly persuasive to you on its own. However, when combined, I find them particularly compelling.

I've got a paragraph about each idea at this website if you'd like to know more

1. The historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

2. The Bible answers some hard questions such as 'why science works'.

3. The Bible is impressive literature.

4. The Bible is remarkably accessible, transcending different time periods and cultures.

5. Human guilt and the desire for forgiveness for wrongdoing seem to be universal.

6. Jesus transforms lives in every age, culture and background.

7. Jesus transforms societies as well as individuals.

8. The Gospel is the best option for my questions and doubts.

As a scientist I strive to go with the best available theory that is most consistent with the available evidence. When it comes to life, ultimate truth, and God, I would say the Gospel of Jesus is this best "theory" I can find. So it's "rational" for me to believe the Gospel is true.

I don't think science will ever answer every question. That's because some questions are beyond physics. They're 'metaphysical'. I certainly don't think science can reveal God to me. You can get to know God as you read about Jesus in the bible.

I'd encourage you to be a good scientist and read the data you find in the Bible and see for yourself.

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