Poster Archive : DECEMBER 2007

Message: Christmas is all about the gift

Bible Verse: Matthew 20:28 The son of man give his life

Reflect: Christmas is all about the gift

Have you ever given yourself a present? There are many advantages. You can get just what you want. No lurid pairs of socks. No cheapo, no-name stuff.

But, let's admit it, buying yourself presents is a bit sad. No one wants to open a present they've wrapped themselves. And it does remove the element of surprise.

The best Christmas presents are thoughtful, unexpected and given to you by people who actually love you. The best presents are always personal. They show that the person giving them really knows you.

And, of course, the really amazing gifts cost a lot.

So maybe it's surprising that the best Christmas present comes from God. Surprising perhaps because you mightn't think that God is personal at all. You might think he doesn't exist, or doesn't care, or that he's a scrooge. But Christmas proves God is personal enough to give you your best present ever.

Mind you, giving presents is nothing new for God. The Bible says that every good gift comes from God. He made us and gave us our life in the first place. He gave us this fantastic planet to live on and people to share it with.

So what's God's best-ever present? God gave us his life.

"Great," you say, smiling politely and without the slightest hint of sarcasm. "Just what I've always wanted."

But it's the best present ever because we really need it. We need it because despite all of God's generosity to us - life, planet, friends - we turn our backs on him. If you think you'd be angry if your kids ignored you on Christmas Day after you've just given them a whole bunch of presents, you'll get some idea about how God feels. God is angry that we've ignored him and he will punish us - ultimately with our death.

But because God loves us, he gives himself. In Jesus, God became a person. At the cost of his own life, he gave us life forever. So, have you noticed the present God's given you? Have you said "Thankyou"?

Prayer: God - you gave us every good thing in life. But I thank you most of all for giving us your life in Jesus. Because it means I can be saved from death. AMEN

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