"I love Outreach Posters. They give our church and the gospel an increased visibility in the busy streets of Epping. But the thing I love most is that they give people in our church something to talk about with their friends. We use the A5 flier as a bulletin insert, and it doubles the value of the posters, by helping our people to see how they can share the gospel themselves".
Matt Oates (Minister, Epping Presbyterian)

"We work as hard as we can to verbally communicate Christ inside our buildings now we can have the best in the advertising business visually communicate Christ outside our building".
Dominic Steele (Christians in the Media)

"Outreach Posters is a great opportunity for churches to challenge the local community with gospel truths and ideas. I commend the opportunities that Outreach Posters gives to raise your gospel profile with the everyday person who needs to hear about Jesus".
Tony Willis (Lay Leader, Youth and Children's Ministry)

"Your posters sure provoke response! Jesus loves Osama and the last one about "Sorry" both were torn down soon after being put up and we have recieved threantening phone calls. So they are certainly being read. Please keep sending us posters that have a clear Christian message."
Peter Stavert (St Peter's Campbelltown)

"One friend said "Tom, I drive past your Church just to see what is on the poster!!"
Tom Faithfull (St Bartholomew's Toowoomba)

The posters miraculously keep changing each month!"
(St John's Asquith)

"The response to Jesus loves Osama was nothing short of sensational. Who could imagine that three words on a church poster could make headline news in Russia and attract over one quarter of a million responses on the ninemsn website! The team at Outreach Posters are inspirational; they are committed to communicating the truths of Scripture to an apathetic world. It's time we all get on board with Outreach Posters".
Peter Kaldor (Director, Ecom and the City Bible Forum)

"Outreach Posters make people stop and think about Jesus - they are great way of engaging with the community".
Michael Plaege (Minister - Padstow Congregational Church)

"In my experience, the general public has a very wrong-headed idea of what Christianity is all about. It's morals, conservatism and middle-class-ness. We need to surprise people with the true message of Christian love and and the call to repentance. The very risky "Jesus loves Osama" posters did precisely this. I was thrilled to hear about many rich (not superficial) opportunities that this poster gave for explaining the good news about Jesus. Everyone will be looking at the posters that go up from now on let's pray that they will be just as striking and effective".
Dr Greg Clarke (The Centre For Public Christianity)