Monday 22 October, 2007 4:09pm
Can't trust Liberal or Labor? Vote for Jesus!

On Saturday November 24 Australia will choose their next leader in the 2007 federal election, but there's another vote Australia needs to make that's just as important and even more urgent.

And that's the vote on how each Australian wants to spend eternity. Malcolm Williams, Director of Outreach Media said: "Like the Government, God has made voting compulsory, but unlike the results of the federal election, the consequences of this vote will last into eternity.

"It's time for every Australian to make a decision on who they think Jesus is. But unfortunately, 'Nice bloke' is not on the ballot paper.

"Jesus said he was God - and he was either lying, a lunatic or telling the truth."

This October Outreach Media's 'Voting is compulsory' poster [see poster], will challenge all Australians to make their decision about Jesus. The posters are displayed outside more than 120 churches across Australia from Sydney to Freemantle and north to Darwin. One church in Sydney's Inner West, All Saints, Anglican in Petersham, has even set up mock Polling booths, a giant 5 metre ballot paper and a 22 metre banner saying 'Voting is compulsory' in order to encourage Sydney-siders to consider the most important vote they will ever need to make [see attached photos].

"For more than 20 years Outreach Posters have invited Australian's to find out more about Christianity. We hope that this November, Australian's will vote 1 Jesus - Lord," said Malcolm Williams.

Outreach Media promotes the Christian Gospel through various media channels and assists churches and Christian groups to raise the profile of the Christian message. Their primary means of raising this profile is through Outreach Posters displayed at churches across Australia. Many churches are located in prominent and heavily trafficked locations allowing Outreach Posters to run campaigns that have an undeniable impact on the community.

Malcolm Williams is available for interviews on request. Phone: 0430 344 514. For more information about Outreach Media or to view this month's poster visit: www.outreachmedia.org.au.