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Current poster: November 2014

Love Your Enemies - Jesus

It's hard to get too worked up about the fate of an ISIS soldier. He's a bloodthirsty killer and a fanatic with whom you can't reason. Most of the world has quietly agreed it's best to hunt him down and have him killed efficiently. And just how cruel and dangerous ISIS is can be seen by the willingness of the Western media to endorse this plan.

Beheadings, eye gouging, crucifixions, the mass slaughter of people because of their ethnicity or religious belief - all these are part of the sweat and grime of war for ISIS. Then, when a town falls and there's a lull in the fighting it's time for raping and maiming to make clear to the beaten and conquered all that Allah requires. And women are to be treated with special severity. Passed around as war trophies amongst the ISIS soldiers for amusement or sold in the marketplace for ten US dollars, their fate is grim.

Yes, it's hard to get too worked up about the fate of an ISIS soldier. But if you are worked up it's most likely loathing and fear in equal parts. And whilst the loathing is obvious, the fear is complicated. ...............

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