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Current poster: November 2015

"Are you linked in....?"

Omniscience means 'knowing everything'. You can usually find it in sentences describing God - not a social media company. But over the years people have been regularly mystified at LinkedIn's ability to know who their friends and acquaintances are. It's creepy.

If you aren't a member then you've probably received apparently personal email invitations from friends encouraging you to join. But these same people will tell you they never sent the emails. Then if you do join LinkedIn you'll see a list of all kinds of people you know. But how? How does this company with 400 million members worldwide know who you know?

LinkedIn's company slogan is, 'Relationships Matter'! What kind of relationships? The kind that help you make money. Some employers don't even bother looking at resumes these days. They don't want to be persuaded by nice paper or pretty pictures. They just want to compare the details of LinkedIn profiles. Maybe this is why LinkedIn keeps winning new members. People just can't afford not to belong.

But back to omniscience...

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